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How Much Did The Hoonicorn Cost To Build?

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How Much Did The Hoonicorn Cost To Build? - [Answer] 2023 - Concrete Services (2)
What is the Hoonicorn’s value? I’m really captivated by the Hoonicorn Mustang, which I recently found to be a marvel. I’m sure it’s expensive, but how much is it truly worth? In 2021, the price of the Hoonigan “Hoonicorn” Mustang was $1.1 million. The Hoonicorn is a bespoke drift automobile designed by Hoonigan and rally racer Ken Block.

  1. The vehicle debuted at the 2014 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show and is based on the 1965 Coupe.
  2. Multiple revisions have been made to the Hoonicorn’s engine, which is presently a 6.7-liter twin-turbo V8 with 1400 horsepower and 1200 pounds-feet of torque.
  3. Additionally, it sports a six-speed manual transmission, all-wheel drive, and a 0-60 time of 1.8 seconds.

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We get no compensation for reviews or other content: What is the Hoonicorn’s value?

How long was the Hoonicorn’s construction?

THE HOONICORN RTR, KEN BLOCK’S BATSH!T RETRO-MODERN ALL-WHEEL DRIVE, IS RELEASED SEVEN FORD MUSTANG GYMKHANA MORE IMAGES: LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, NOV.4 Ken Block of Hoonigan Racing Division is excited to make his Gymkhana SEVEN vehicle public premiere in the Ford exhibit at SEMA 2014.

A vehicle? World’s first performance all-wheel drive 1965 Ford Mustang that is totally unique and one of a kind. The car and Block will be featured together in Block’s next Gymkhana SEVEN film project. The project is a collaboration between Block, Hoonigan, and RTR, the automotive tuning company owned by fellow Ford and Monster Energy athlete Vaughn Gittin Jr.

(Video) Lia Block's Audi Ur-Quattro Shakedown, Test Drive and Driver's License Test!

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The car, which took two years to construct at ASD Motorsports in Charlotte, North Carolina, is based on a 1965 Ford Mustang notchback, the legendary pony car, which is commemorating its

– Who was granted custody of the Hoonicorn? The Hoonicorn is still owned by Ford, to put it briefly. It seems possible that we have not seen the last of the fire-breathing beast, but unless something changes, Ken Block will not be driving it. FordMuscle reports that Sébastien Loeb will join the Ford World Rally Team in 2022.

Hoonigan constructed the Hoonicorn?

“Hoonicorn V2” AWD Ford Mustang by Ken Block is a Garrett. Strengthened by Ainsley Jacobs Ken Block’s newest “Hoonicorn” AWD Ford Mustang generates 1,400 horsepower thanks to its twin. In the classic film “Gone in 60 Seconds,” the 1967 Ford Mustang GT500 named “Eleanor” is characterized to as a “Unicorn” — an uncapturable mythical creature.

Hoonigan’s supreme leader Ken Block, on the other hand, created his own interpretation of the legendary creature when he completed his “Hoonicorn” all-wheel-drive 1965 Ford Mustang and then added a pair of enormous Garrett twin turbochargers. Knowing that the Mustang would be the newest hero of Block’s massively famous Gymkhana film series, the project began with months of design work and pre-planning mockups.

ASD Motorsports was tasked with fabricating the NASCAR-style tube chassis and roll cage for Block’s beast, and a suspension setup more akin to a Formula One or IndyCar than a drift vehicle was painstakingly built with the aid of drift icon Vaughn Gittin Jr.

(Video) Ken Block’s Audi S1 Hoonitron - The Details of the Electrikhana Gymkhana Machine

The team finally opted on a pushrod-style suspension that allowed for inboard-mounted shocks and dampers and provided a great deal of flexibility within the limits of a smaller package. Initially powered by a naturally aspirated Roush Yates 410 ci Ford V8 engine, the Hoonicorn V1 generated just 845 horsepower.

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Block, aware that he would need to adjust for the thin environment at high altitude in order to conquer Pikes Peak, chose to increase the power level. The installation of a pair of roughly quadrupled the output of the notchback to more than 1,400 horsepower and 1,250 lb-ft of torque, and the vehicle was officially dubbed the Hoonicorn V2.

Via Reddit: Fastest Toyota MR2 in the World The Hoonicorn has already faced up against a number of strong vehicles. But this time, a powerful Toyota MR2 said to be the fastest in the world in a straight line was pitted against it. It is a BoostedBoiz second-generation W20.

Is the Hoonicorn a drag racing loser?

Finally, Ken Block’s Hoonicorn Loses, But Not in the Way You’d Expect. Ken Block’s customized vehicle is presently competing against stock and modified supercars and muscle vehicles on a “global tour.” In a straight-line race, the 1,400-horsepower drift vehicle is unstoppable, but Block’s crew is continuously searching for ways to defeat the Hoonicorn.

In the most recent episode of Hoonicorn vs. The World, the modified Mustang battled Hoonigan’s merchandise van. In fact, it lost a race. Kind of. Obviously, no one expects a merchandise van to be quick. These vehicles are often large and sluggish, with the capacity to transport a great deal of cargo being their primary feature.

(Video) Dodge Demon vs Lamborghini Aventador | Top Gear: Series 25

But the Hoonigan merchandise van is everything but ordinary. The cargo transporter is equipped with an LS-type V-8 that generates 400 horsepower, making it far quicker and more powerful than the Grumman LLV truck your mailman drives. Compared to the Hoonicorn’s 1,400-horsepower figure, 400 horsepower doesn’t seem that impressive.

  1. Not unexpectedly, Block wins the 1,000-foot drag race by a large margin and the 1,500-foot race with a 500-foot lead by an even larger margin.
  2. However, the team decides to set up one final clash and give the merchandise van a significant edge in the race.
  3. The Hoonicorn departs in the other way, and Block performs many donuts before attempting to catch up to the van.
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Despite the Hoonicorn’s extraordinary power and speed, the spin allows the van to cross the finish line first. Yes, it’s an unfair victory, but the video you’re going to watch isn’t exactly serious. Putting away results and deception, that is one amazing merch truck.

Reddit has the fastest Toyota MR2 in the world. In the past, the Hoonicorn has competed against several powerful automobiles. This time, though, it was pitted against the world’s fastest Toyota MR2, a powerful straight-line speed monster. BoostedBoiz constructed this second-generation W20.

What type of engine does the Hoonicorn have?

What is the Hoonicorn? – The Hoonicorn is a special performance vehicle designed by Ken Block and Ford in partnership. The first Hoonicorn, based on the 1965 Ford Mustang, debuted in 2013 with a Ford 5.8-liter V8 engine that made 845 horsepower. The precision control of the all-wheel-drive car was made possible by a reduced suspension and total weight as well as equal front and rear track widths.

  1. According to Top Gear, the most recent Hoonicorn is powered by a Roush-Yates 6.7-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that produces 1400 horsepower and 1250 lb-ft of torque.
  2. It has a six-speed manual transmission and can reach 60 miles per hour in 1.8 seconds (as well as 100 mph in 3.15 seconds).
  3. Due to its substantial wheelspin, the Hoonicorn is well-suited for extended drifts, which is advantageous for navigating obstacles in timed races.

The Ford cooperation also produced the outstanding Ford F-150-based Hoonitruck. However, this F-150 is not average. The Ford F-150’s 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 EcoBoost engine generates 914 horsepower and 702 lb-ft of torque. Given its 79-inch width, it was meant to be transportable in modules.

(Video) Lamborghini Huracan Turbo vs Kawasaki H2R: DRAG RACE

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How much did it cost to build Hoonicorn? ›

It's also a bit of a bargain considering the entire build apparently cost $1.5 million to pull off. Under the hood sits a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 taken straight out of the Ford GT Le Mans program making 914 horsepower and 702 pound-feet of torque.

How much does the Hoonicorn cost? ›

The Hoonicorn RC Car will be offered in two versions: one priced at $579.99 and one at $679.99. The first version offers the motor, receiver, radio, and the Hoonicorn body, while the latter adds only the other accessories you may need, like the charger and battery.

How expensive is the Hoonicorn V2? ›

It doesn't come with the 410-cubic-inch Roush Yates V-8 engine, but for those passionate about the Hoonicorn, it is a nice substitute. The only problem was its price: $579.99 or $679.99, depending on the version.

How long did it take to build the Hoonicorn? ›

Built at ASD Motorsports in Charlotte, North Carolina, over the course of two years, the car is based upon a 1965 Ford Mustang notchback—the iconic pony car, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

How much is the Hoonigan truck worth? ›

A cool $1.1 million; a bargain when you consider the entire build of the vehicle reportedly cost $1.5m.

How much HP does the Hoonicorn really have? ›

Ken Block's 1,400+ HP “Hoonicorn V2” AWD Ford Mustang is Garrett Boosted. Boosted by twin GTX3584RS Garrett turbos, gymkhana legend Ken Block's latest “Hoonicorn” AWD Ford Mustang makes 1,400 horsepower.

How much is Ken Block worth? ›

He was named Rally America Rookie of the Year at the completion of his debut rallying season. Before he died in 2 January 2023, Ken Block had an estimated net worth of $200 million.

Is Ken Block's Hoonicorn street legal? ›

With specs like that, just about anyone who enjoys driving would probably want a Hoonicorn for themselves. However, that thing isn't exactly street legal or cheap.

How fast is the Hoonicorn in a quarter mile? ›

It's a second-generation W20 built by BoostedBoiz. The car features a fully-tuned K-Series Honda engine with a massive turbo and about 1,300 horsepower output, clinching its speed record with a 7.982 seconds quarter-mile dash at 181.94 mph.

What fuel does the Hoonicorn use? ›

To that end, the Hoonicorn V2 uses methanol as its fuel source, which helps keep the motor cool during operation. Block didn't say what he needed all this power for, but suffice it to say, if 845 horsepower wasn't enough already, he must have something legitimately insane up his sleeve.

Who built the Hoonicorn chassis? ›

It's called the Hoonicorn, and it looks wonderful. The Mustang-bodied monster is the handiwork of ASD Motorsports and Vaughn Gittin Jr.'s RTR. The tubular chassis, roll-cage, suspension and suspension mounts were built by ASD, and the carbon-fiber bodywork was crafted by RTR.

Has any car beaten the Hoonicorn? ›

So much for that undefeated record. And so with that the Hoonicorn has officially met its match, having been beaten by Kimbo the GT-R.

How much did it cost to build the Hoonitruck? ›

The Hoonitruck build reportedly cost in excess of $1.5 million and was carried out by the master technicians at Detroit Speed in Mooresville, NC with overall design and styling dictated by Block and his team at Hoonigan. The F-150 cabin was stripped, repaired, reinforced and then dropped on a custom tube-frame chassis.

Who owns the Hoonigan truck? ›

Hoonigan's Ken Block, Co-Founder and Head Hoonigan in Charge, Brian Scotto, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, and Jennifer van Dijjk, Hoonigan President, will remain with the combined company.

Who owns the Hoonigan car? ›

Ken Block

Did wheel pros buy Hoonigan? ›

Over a two-week period in late August/early September, Wheel Pros acquired Hoonigan Industries L.L.C. — the company co-founded by extreme rally driver and DC Shoes co-founder Ken Block — and Driven Lighting Group (DLG), an Atlanta-based designer and online retailer of aftermarket automotive lighting products.

What is the Hoonicorn top speed? ›

Hoonicorn V2 boasts of a top speed of 255mph and 1250 ft-lb torque, which is dangerously higher than most of his other cars combined. Powered with a Sadev AWD drive train and Dakar Rally spec six speed transmission, V2 is specially designed to sustain the drifts and wheelspin.

What is the Hoonigan truck called? ›

After his epic “Hoonicorn” 1965 Ford Mustang build, Ken Block used what he learned to build its successor – the all-wheel-drive “Hoonitruck,” a 1977 Ford F-150 with twin Garrett turbos and a double dose of badassery.

What engine is in Hoonicorn V2? ›

The Hoonicorn V2 still has the same 6.7-liter, 410-cubic-inch V8 at the front, but the motor has been reworked to run on methanol and bestowed with a custom twin-turbo setup for a total of 1,400 horsepower. The previous Hoonicorn already had enough power to spin all four tires, by the way.

Is the Hoonicorn a Fox body? ›

In this case, the next big thing is the Hoonifox, “another batsh*t crazy all-wheel-drive Ford Mustang,” based on the Fox platform, hence the name. This is a very good rendering of the forthcoming Hoonifox Mustang. A Fox Body Mustang has been in Block's head since he built the first Hoonicorn for Gymkhana 7.

Did they sell the Hoonicorn? ›

What happened to the Hoonicorn? Sadly, Ken Block and Ford parted ways in 2021. Because of this, Block had to also part ways with his Hoonicorn and many other cars.

How much did Ken Block's car sell for? ›

Ken Blocks Hoonitruck can be yours for $1.1 Million

The tubular frame truck was built from the ground up, inlcuding new aluminum body panels, so it looks like a 77 F-150 on the outside.

How heavy is the Hoonicorn? ›

The car has a curb weight of just 1,300 pounds (590 kg), making even the Hoonicorn look like a heavyweight.

How many turbos does the Hoonicorn have? ›

The 1965 Ford Mustang-based Hoonicorn V2 has 1,400 horsepower, a rally-derived all-wheel-drive system, and twin turbos fed by pure methanol.

Is the Hoonicorn twin-turbo? ›

The Hoonicorn is a 1965 Ford Mustang, with 1,400 hp, a six-speed paddle shift Sade V transmission, and it also has a twin-turbo engine, a V8 and is all-wheel drive.

How much is DC Shoes worth? ›

DC Shoes was built on debt: Ken Block borrowed $10K from parents, and now it's a $1 bn business.

What is K Hood worth? ›

The estimated net worth of William K Hood is at least $46 Million dollars as of 2023-02-22. William K Hood is the Director of First Guaranty Bancshares Inc and owns about 2,201,403 shares of First Guaranty Bancshares Inc (FGBI) stock worth over $46 Million.

How much did Ken Block's RS200 sell for? ›

As we reported yesterday, Block has listed his beloved 2013 Ford Fiesta ST RX43 for sale, but he's also selling his self-proclaimed dream car – this super rare 1986 Ford RS200 Evolution – via LBI Limited for the cool asking price of $550,000.

Who built the Hoonicorn engine? ›

Hoonigan's head honcho Ken Block, however, built his own take on the mythical animal when he assembled his “Hoonicorn” all-wheel-drive 1965 Ford Mustang and then upped the ante with a set of massive Garrett twin turbochargers.

Who actually owns the Hoonicorn? ›

What happened to the Hoonicorn? Sadly, Ken Block and Ford parted ways in 2021. Because of this, Block had to also part ways with his Hoonicorn and many other cars. After his final ride in the Hoonicorn V2, it was returned to Ford.

How much does Ken Block's Hoonitruck cost? ›

It's priced at a steep $1.1 million, which sounds like a lot until you realize the truck cost over $1.5 million to build, according to the listing. Brian Silvestro Road & Track staff writer with a taste for high-mileage, rusted-out projects and amateur endurance racing.

What motor is in the Hoonicorn truck? ›

In order to spin all tires, all the time, the engine specs start with a Ford 5.8-liter small-block V8. The architecture dates back to the Windsor block, but Roush Mustang improved the internals for strength and lower friction.

Why did Ken Block retire the Hoonicorn? ›

The amicable break up of the ten year partnership, even included Ford CEO Jim Farley thanking Block for "10 great years of Hooning." It's end of the road for Ken Block and Ford. It looks like the divorce meant Block had lost the Hoonicorn v2.

Why is Ken Block not with Ford anymore? ›

The reason for the breakup? One rumor doing the rounds in motoring circles is that Ford had already spent tens of millions of dollars on Block's colorful antics, but when Block asked them to double that fee, the Blue Oval simply decided to pull the plug. Block signed to drive Ford vehicles in 2010.

How much did Gymkhana 7 cost? ›

Gymkhana 7 also boasted a production budget of over $1 million, ponied up by Hoonigan, Ford and video-game maker Need for Speed. To date, the video has racked up more than nine million views.


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